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delegate perception: a final project a real-time-presentation ..

Have you ever thought about concrete transformation of theoretical texts into a real life experience? So this time you can follow and test out if Virilio was right to speak about the disolution of the real in the virtual through real-time transmission.
.. in zero space:

... see the 'final project' dissolving in a real time transmission ...
... see the 'final project' in pure information transmission ...
... see the 'final project' in the non-place of cyberspace ...
The Final Project: Something happened ... There are still some shadows of past events fading out into the blue.... Whatever one assumes it might have been the ultimate real life proof ...
.. transmitted only via delgation ...

Is it prefered that he was right? I cannot agree as in the omni-linearity of so called cyberspace everything should be possible...

.. at the non-space of the virtual ..

strategies of different levels of authenticity and visibility:

which of the levels of my final project is the real one?
... come for further transperency
... see the ultimate life experience
... see the examination at the living
... be connected to transmitted real-
    life experience
... a perceptible reliable experience
- the real life action in the aula comment
- the real life transmission comment
- none as it has been dissolving
- both as today the image does no
  longer correspond to the real comment
16/07/2002 between 2 and 3 pm at Merz ... but was this person really there ? ....
monika jaeckel, october 2002