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En / De / Re Coding 'Unless they are widely aberrant, ..
The conditions of perception, understood as a reading of signs, are now embedded within an further layer, which in the most obvious way can be detected in the use of the machines necessary for recoding. Important is that these devices simultaneously are employed for distribution, production, manipulation, .... 'We are going to advance to a sort of beyond-culture, which iconic system could be described as follows: virtually everything can be related to everything', as P.Lévy stated.
.. encoding will have the effect of constructing some of the limits and parameters within which decodings will operate.'

S.Hall 'Encoding/Decoding'
The connections of cyberspace allow hypothetically the virtual relation of everything with everything. (info in cyberatlas)

However images have been turned into code for information technologies on the level of compositing, but as B.Latour is quoted 'images demonstrate transformation, not information', they are not information on the level of their appearance.
The sense to which they can be regarded as information now is close to text - they are mutable, composited and yet more or less abstract but nevertheless transmitted through the dissolving real-time effect.

Panoptic Mediation

From here evolves on one side a new freedom and easyness in the handling of images in general. With the blurring distinction of real and virtual depiction, first in the digital image, but as this stands now for almost every image, so generaly a further dissolution of the indexical and authentic character of imaginery follows. Especially in the production of musicclips, shortfilms, internet productions and artistic fotography 'new images' are evolving.
They are no longer concerned with any clear depiction, on contary, they obviously are just trying to avoid it.

a new example turux

So also tactics of the cinema of the brain reappear and find their connections to the distribution of the mind.
something on film
.. more in distributed brain ..

This hypotetically and partly as well practically happens on the level of data anyway. So it is to ask what kind of influences it has on the process of signification for encoding and decoding .... and than again recoding. As already pointed out before here also are different directions, which have to be taken into regard, especially the one of recoding from various sources and in very different contexts.
So who can read and who has access to data and code? Surely there is more then a one way reading.

Discourses and practises can be patched together from very different geographical and historical situations. Traditions originating from disparate backgrounds can be merged together, their digital data becoming raw material for other productions.

But it has to be remembered that, following S.Hall: 'the level of connotation of the visual sign, of its contextual reference and positioning in different discursive fields of meaning and association, is the point where already, coded signs intersect with the deep semantic codes of a culture and take on additional, more active ideological dimensions.' And 'so it is the connotative level of the sign that situational ideologies alter and transform signification.'
The layering of signs and icons, even descending from diverse cultures, can also give way to a flickering significance producing uncertanity.

It is her where we come from an other direction to the by K.N.Hayles mentioned flickering signifier, and as well to the complex situations of prefered readings.
Some very explicit, but as well most difficult examples of this complications can probably be found in the perceptions of 911 and its aftermath (2001-09-11).

Thus on the other side for the production of authenticity and identification the situational context has become quite important for the presentation of images. Perceiving them just at a specific moment, their evidential character is not existing without a further production of significance. So generaly strategies of performance, in any inherent meaning, are gaining more importance.
Out of this problematic images sometimes seem to ask for a very new reading, trying to avoid almost any connotation. The full text can be downloaded as pdf or read in html: download thesis. .. go for nearly any mainstream media representation

eye distribution algorythmic surveillance thinking cameras layered transmissions here! counter-strategies