I like: Canada’s enfant terrible

Another performance I had the chance to see lately was Dave St.Pierre’s Libido, which was performed in the context of intransit 11 in Berlin. Admittedly it has been both – disturbing and thrilling – not just because of the nudity (I guess as coming from artistic performance, that is simply not the most overwhelming advancement […] Read More

… so worth to see: NELISIWE XABA

In the context of the ‘Border Border Express‘ event at the HAU in Berlin I was so lucky to see two fantastic pieces by Nelisiwe Xaba with 2 pieces: They look at me and that’s all they think & Sarkozy Says ‘Non’ To The Venus Both pieces refer to the story of Sara Baartman, known […] Read More

.. a short one …

This will be a short post … and may be a bit late in time, as it has been written in a certain perspective after bin Laden’s death – though it’s a real nice find and finally actual at all times in so many places, not just America …. There are generally so often reasons […] Read More

Pioneers Of The Downtown Scene NYC

The current exhibition Laurie Anderson, Trisha Brown, Gordon Matta-Clark – Pioneers of the Downtown Scene, New York 1970s is much more interesting than many other recent one’s in this field in my opinion. Performance artist and musician Laurie Anderson, choreographer Trisha Brown and artist Gordon Matta-Clark were friends and active participants in the New York […] Read More

Future Beauty

Japan on the mind with all the horrifying news on earth quakes, tsunami and the nuclear disaster dropping in continuously – should one read the title as a promising outlook? ‘Future Beauty – 30 years of Japanese fashion’, the latest show at the Munich Haus der Kunst arrived via the Barbican in London at least […] Read More

Move: choreographing yourself ….

Munich’s Haus der Kunst currently hosts two shows worth visiting – ‘move – Art and Dance Since the 1960s‘ and ‘Future Beauty 30 years of Japanese fashion‘. For the moment I will mainly focus on the first one, but also come back on the fashion show ‘future beauty’, which covers 30 years of Japanese fashion […] Read More

The Offside Rules

‘The Offside Rules‘ is the last production form the dancegroup around Constanza Macras, which was commissioned by the Goethe Institut for the 2010 football World Cup. In this coproduction of the Goethe-Institut South Africa, the Market Theatre, Johannesburg, and Constanza Macras/Dorky Park, three performers from Macras’ company teamed up with dancers from Johannesburg, who were […] Read More

Danced Diversity

Spoken language and body language, both mix in an exquisite way in the latest piece of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui en Damien Jalet – BABEL (words). The piece fascinatingly shows a wide variety of expressions including aggression, humor, an almost slapstick-like behavior and a deep sensuality for the forms and languages of the body, – and […] Read More

Dance is hard to see *

In the new issue of Kaleidoscope I came across an article on the new work of the dancer Michael Clark & his company and trying to find out more … just discovered these elder ones .. It is in attitude quite close to traditional ballet, though refreshingly breaking down boundaries … crossing into and playing […] Read More

taxi to the dark side

arte TV takes its 20th birthday to show a special program, which also includes re-airings of important films or series of the last years. Tonight the main program (will be repeated twice in november) was ‘Taxi to the Darkside‘ by Alex Gibney, a disturbing and important film, exploring the torture methods the world’s biggest democracy […] Read More