One day, when I was doing things at home …

Kat Válastur Oh! Deep sea-corpus III ( Your whole life passes before your eyes)Performed by: Ana Laura Lozza, Enrico Ticconi, Ixchel Mendoza Hernandez, Kat Válastur Oh! Deep sea-corpus III was the first piece I saw by Kat Válastur and her dance crew, but it left a deep mental/bodily impact equally when watching it back then […] Read More

Inmates of the inbetween-space

The piece I am writing here about is with a history, one that had created a big turmoil when first performed. It is in itself a disturbing piece about the renewal and sacrifice of energies – “the mystery and great surge of the creative power of Spring” as Strawinsky defined it: Le Sacre Du Printemps. […] Read More

freedom – The Wall

.. no one ever told you it would be easy, I guess – nevertheless we are all looking for it. It – that means – freedom. Easy you thought? .. so why then aren’t you there – over there, where it’s easy. For here on this side of the wall – I cannot claim that […] Read More

d|b – bright reflection versus dark wave (and vice versa)

‘db’ is the cryptic title of the actual show by the Japanese artist and composer Ryoji Ikeda that by no means can be emphasized as an ‘empty set’. This notion, which is used to express the smallest unit in mathematical philosophy, constitutes as well an attractive field for the artist who is known for his […] Read More

Newly ordered disorder (not yet fully aligned)

Political Mother – The Choreographer’s Cut by Hofesh Shechter rocks! That can be taken literally, in terms of the acoustic score, as well read in the visuals. The piece conveys an eclectically figurative language like one might know from a graphic novel. It is a composite of wild action seemingly excerpted from a Japanese manga, […] Read More

Sweeping the Speech Bubbles

“It takes a long time to become young.” said Picasso. And I think he meant the curious look, the undoing of the known, the ability to comprehend outside the rule and to try instead to open up an inner space that unsettles the framing view. Letting go the preformed seems to be a tough task […] Read More

Spatio-temporal loops for the eye of the beholder

In the ancient Indian gamble of snakes and ladders, both of the mentioned elements are crucial for the structure of the simple board game, but also quite literally play out the back and forth in time and space representing the twists of fate, as Salman Rushdie interprets it aptly in his book Midnight’s Children . […] Read More

Failure as springboard to success

By accident I am just discovering Chris Kraus, film-maker, writer and co-editor of Semiotext(e) as I came across the announcement for Performative Philosophy: The films and writings of Chris Kraus and Semiotext(e) at Monash University Museum of Art. An event I certainly wanted to visit, if it weren’t that far down under. Performative Philosophy: The […] Read More

Can we talk about this?

Currently the Britain located DV8 Physical Theater is on tour with their latest piece ‘Can we talk about this?’. It is a dance piece, which builds heavily on the actual theme of Islamophobia with specific accentuation on the British situation and thus luckily also recruits its dancers from a multicultural background. For me personally this […] Read More

DANCE – Lucinda Childs

Lucinda Childs is today a reknown figure in postmodern and minimal dance, and also known as one of the founding members of Judson Church. You can check out her profile on wikipedia. Though she should also be remembered for the experiments she did from early on like the remarkable Street Dance Performance. The spectators of […] Read More

Fred Sandback – spatial wiring

Currently – in the show ‘Raum der Linie‘ in Munich – I came across some works of Fred Sandback and was left stunned by two different facts: one the fragility, though absolute presence of these works and second – how could I have overlooked them for so long. Some works feel oddly familiar, like I […] Read More