upcoming Paralympics Vancouver 2010

Aware of the upcoming Winter Paralympic Games in Vancouver? The Games will start exactly one month after the Winter Olympic Games 2010 and take place in the same locations. Isn’t it another good reason to re-think our body / mind relations, our categorizations of physical fitness, the judgements of appearance and beauty … One who […] Read More

YARD – re-played

Allan Karpow’s ‘YARD’ piece has been re-played through the artist by performance artist William Pope L., at the Manhattan townhouse 32 East 69th Street where Kaprow first exhibited his Environment YARD in 1961. The scene presented Allan Kaprow YARD, revisiting a seminal 1961 work by the revered New York City-born artist and inventor of Happenings […] Read More

‘an eye for an eye ….’

.. but may be I’ll take two – hope you don’t mind …. …. that at least is the impression I got, when I finally had the chance to see Avi Mograbi’s documentary Z32. Nevertheless by the filmmaker’s doubts, which have been mixed into the film as questioning songs, it all together might – regarding […] Read More

3 G – work in progress

Third Generation – a theater piece of young Israeli writer and director Yael Ronen, which had been developed in 2008 with the support of the Berlin Schaubühne, Tel Aviv’s Habima National Theater and some funding of german institutions, sounds like an interesting experiment. It brings together a younger generation of three people, who all may […] Read More

changing the plan

So it surely has been around already, that the Yes Men were at the Chamber of Commerce, though I would like to link to it in context of the current climate change campaigns and actions …. …. The stunt was pulled off by the Yes Men, the activists best known for posing as corporate executives […] Read More

associating: The angel of history

The following is Benjamin’s ninth thesis from the essay “Theses on the Philosophy of History”: A Klee painting named ‘Angelus Novus’ shows an angel looking as though he is about to move away from something he is fixedly contemplating. His eyes are staring, his mouth is open, his wings are spread. This is how one […] Read More


Short, but stunning city portrait: ‘MANHATTA’ A portrait of New York by painter Charles Sheeler and photographer Paul Strand. The title cards show quotes from Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass”. Wikipedia “The film spans an imaginary day in the life of New York City, beginning with footage of Staten Island ferry commuters and culminating with […] Read More

Desire for Walling

There is a pretty good article and mainly link-collection over on we-make-money – generally a very interesting blog – about facts and impact of walling. The article centers around the ‘Desiring Walls’ lecture by Wendy Brown (audio file on resistnetwork), which analysis the globally evolving phenomenon for walling. Regine from we-make-money has carefully collected the […] Read More

Islam in Europe / arabs and terrorism

Hm …. there is hope for a change after Obama’s recent speech which the german magazine ‘Der Spiegel’ announced as A ‘NEW BEGINNING’ IN CAIRO, but certainly it won’t work without looking into one’s own preconceptions. While in NYC the NYPL & The European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) present “ISLAM IN EUROPE – […] Read More

Wealth of Nations

… meant ironically or in quest of a new meaning ??? Clear is so far, that the headline refers to an interesting exhibition and conference just takes place right now in Novi Sad under the title ‘Wealth of Nations‘, which wants to bring together Art, Theory, Social Sciences and Economics, Cultural Studies and Finance in […] Read More

inescapable experience of process oriented research

Relating to my own experience I am always interested into projects, which attempt to make use of new media techniques for their realization. To establish a blog aside a current undertaking meanwhile almost became a common habit. Thus not so many of these projects really managed to make appropriate use of the tools they occupied […] Read More