>> mind the __ GAP* ?

.. following a definition of space through its limits (like walls etc..), interprets especially media space and its possiblities as evolving through gaps

The gap as the metaphor for the void / empty space which is necessary to have other things evolve
-> to get a ‘moving’ / streaming image – a changing image
-> thus the gap as the moment of free space, defining the closed ‘programmed’ space / the scripted space, which needs the break to get the next action running / the next character introduced
-> bits, morse, pulse, flash, etc..

The gap as the underlining concept, as the line, basis from where things start to evolve.
The weblog as the initial starting point, as a liminal space*, a space of in-between real/virtual, private/public. The performative principles of staging and cinema set against each other.

1. to refer to the image as the interstice of gaps within the representational tactics.
2. -> examine what evolved to bridge the loss of authenticity emerging from the new technologies
3. netstrategies appeal to a general deterritorialization of the brain – > consequently the evolving deterritorialisation of cognition should also contribute to a non fixed / established view – > meaning trying to find out about the ‘gap’ between the gaps
4. reference of artists, who do not point out that much a relation between the images, but the invisible interstices of an underlying script of embedded sociality and equally influenced response towards technical terminology, which outlines new approaches ..

(*defininition of the weblog as a liminal space refers to A. Galloway)


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