ad strategies and mobile swarms

An article (no online link) in the spiegel magazine refers to young mobile users in the Berlin night as acting in swarm like habit: ‘Biologists speak about emergent behaviour. Nobody has an idea, but suddenly all act at the same moment. The ideas evolve from movement. …’ A more directed movement is suddenly shown through […] Read More

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... wonder whether this will happen

"Blogs are helping us get a better understanding of how things happen on the Internet," said Adar. "We're hopeful that in being able to do this research, we can apply the technology to other information, like e-mail, to improve productivity."
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.. and a map of some nice links:

for the original map with working links please go here: It is a map (link at trying to develop a more semantical structure on the basis of an older one of jodi. Still it traces back to a time where the gap evolving within ‘new media’ seduced a lot of artists and cultural […] Read More