confusion de confusiones

(confusion de confusiones) via 911.jpg mailinglist came the link to a recent wire interview with author Neil Stevenson on Confusion Volumne two of his Baroque Circle: … Stephenson: To fuse means to melt; “con-fuse” means a melting together. When you say “I’m all mixed up” you’re saying the same thing in simpler words. At least […] Read More

The invisible …

associating on the repeated appearance of the term from recent developments, which lead to actual contributions of it in different fields. The aspects of the notion come to mind when taking into regard its span from an article by Kareem Fahim The invisible men, associating to Ralph Ellison’s novel Invisible Man to recent tasks of […] Read More

References to a doubling of space ..

In the article The Doubling of Space Moore argues that media as we use it multiplies the situational interconnections that are possible between places. He refers to older assumptions of Meyrowitz' conclusions on 'relatively placeless' situations in 'electronic societies', but constitutes rather a conception of place as pluralized. Read More

Posts on films

.. coming via The Pinocchio Theory and the review on capturing the friedmans via remind me that some of these films I really want to see, especially if there is already some good or at least nicely done background info on the website like with the capturing of the friedmans or war of fog. […] Read More