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… as I am returning to my thoughts about what a blog can and should be, what kind of structure could be established to keep it structured and interesting beyond the like naturally evolving timeline of a everyday diary. Before I outline my own idea on it, some posts of fine links starting with a short history, a profound How to do .. further looking at the development and influences of blogging, a definition and up to theoretical questionings on blogshere phenomena, exploring the subject in Negotiating Claims … and also one of my favorites Weblogs as liminal spaces. All are operating at a highly informative and interesting level, some exist as blog post, some are comments, abstracts or papers. Reading those and others got me going to initiate my own thoughts on. And I point out A.Galloway’s abstract is that her idea about performativity comes very close to my own approach and equally to observations on many ongoing developments in society.

This shift forces us to examine the spaces in-between which have traditionally been glossed over as void. Historically, anthropologists have referred to the spaces in-between as liminal spaces, thresholds or transitions from one state or space to another. Accordingly, liminality has been understood to perform boundaries, as well as beginnings, becomings, and similar forms of cultural transition or mobility.

This paper applies notions of performativity and relationality to articulate weblogs as liminal spaces, or spaces of flow. In this way, weblogs may be understood as socio-technical assemblages that negotiate relations between virtuality, actuality, distance, proximity, past, present and future. In other words, weblogs create particular spaces and times in which social activity may, and does, occur. Taking an auto-ethnographic approach,
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