.. performing rupture and other breaks in the everyday ….

Today it is time to post that quote, which I had in mind for a while now including some further links. The cited lines come along with the current announcements on the exhibition and performances of artist Joan Jonas at the Queens museum).

“… where as critic Douglas Crimp wrote of her work in 1983, “the rupture that is effected in modernist practices has subsequently been repressed, smoothed over.”

My studies had included performance in her (now also at the kitchen) class and this provides still an angle, when I start thinking on performativity in general. It is amazing how it generally got infiltred into everyday life today .. more on this is following. Thus I am always interested in activities on this field, which work along some border between the everyday and concious performing.
So also right time to point to the newly added bloglink of drift table (again via PJLS), which interests me especially because of its temporary performative publishing on his blog. (as this is also something I am planing on since a while/ see sidebar). Another link comes along coin-operated about the street performance of the artist Michelle Teran concerning surveillance.

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