References to a doubling of space ..

In the article The Doubling of Space Moore argues that media as we use it multiplies the situational interconnections that are possible between places. He refers to older assumptions of Meyrowitz’ conclusions on ‘relatively placeless’ situations in ‘electronic societies’, but constitutes rather a conception of place as pluralized.

It is argued that place should be seen as constituted at the interface with flows, as multiplex and open, and as doubled, virtually instantaneously, through practices of electronic media use.

He concludes from this

a potentional pluralizing of relationships, which raises further issues of ‘performing identity’ in and across multiple social realities.

Besides the concern about the place where one is in and the interaction which evolves there in ‘presencing distance’ through the space transmitted or where one communicates through, I think this the most interesting mentioning. This view merely focuses on internet, broadcasting and tv, concerning places of ‘flow’. …. I think before I summarize my thoughts on this book I should move on to another article mentioned in the introduction:

Barnett’s aim is to move accounts of the spatiality of ‘mediated public culture’ that conceptualize space merely as a gap bridged by media.
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