.. navigating along some links …

.. made me trace back quite different lines as i expected and had intended to follow. This observation about my own routes made me even more thoughtful about the keywords I stumbled along…. too busy for intensive web reading at the moment I wanted to follow that link for thoughts on the image and visibility issue .. it made me follow the hippocampus thread to wikipedia .. catching my interest at the point where it is defined as important in both issues – memory as well as navigation. It brought back the memory of the just read phrase ‘Navigation is cognition. But there’s no concept of moving’ (entry from 2004/04/13). This concerns dog’s movement and I would suggest that the best description for dog’s concept is movement. Thus it reminds me just slightly to the ‘following-the-links’ methods and concepts, which I wanted to reduce and frame more conceptually … just ending up here and with this…..
These thoughts developed along the issue of navigation as generally directed and influenced through flashes of recognizing bits of memory … and not recognizing ones, thus allowing to follow eventually some lines inbetween the areas of the already known … as depended on the same ‘apparatus’. This referentiality is leading back to the limited circles of perception and the known. Navigating within the area of memory widens the field, creates a larger space…, but for the system of interlinking the sudden occurance of the unknown is an important factor… to discover the gap, which allows the signal to be recognized ….

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