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Kat Válastur
Oh! Deep sea-corpus III
( Your whole life passes before your eyes)

Performed by: Ana Laura Lozza, Enrico Ticconi, Ixchel Mendoza Hernandez, Kat Válastur

Oh! Deep sea-corpus III was the first piece I saw by Kat Válastur and her dance crew, but it left a deep mental/bodily impact equally when watching it back then and also recalling it now. There was a short moment when the thought occurred if that fascinating stop & go movement would be enough to keep the piece alive over the length of the evening and as well be lingering in mind. While watching it, it felt like seeing a film, cut into its single frames, with short fast-forward windings and flashback stills as the ‘real’ interruption.

Kat Válastur Oh! Deep sea-corpus III- (Your whole life passes before your eyes)
One could also think about the almost hallucinating experience while dancing with oneself under a stroboscopic light and when sometimes glancing out experiencing the other dancers in a ever different sequence of fragmented movements. A strange dream-like atmosphere culminating in the dream scene of the piece that is interrupted by abrupt stills of accidents that consequently play out the space / time fragmentation through flashback moments. Just then to fall back to continue as nothing ever really happens – no real clash of the dancers (except one), the (e)motions cut, limbs thrown out and drawn back again. Creating the impression that the interrupted movement virtually processes time and space as another dimension instead of defining the actual.

That does not mean that there was no curve or narrative in the piece – in contrary – it fragmented the storyline of ‘Becoming – My Portrait – My night – A DREAM I – Hu(ge)manity – I ’ into the flux of memorizing your life.

“Your body is displaced by an unknown force into another dimension. In this unknown space, time is not a coherent stream but a fragmented wholeness. The possibility of that presence to shift freely within time, neglecting time’s abilities, creates a new kind of kinetic status. The remaining presences move there in the same way, like broken images put back together in, order to narrate about a time they were mortal”
Kat Válastur Oh! Deep sea-corpus III- (Your whole life passes before your eyes)

A trailer in nice quality cane be found at TanzforumBerlin and some other movie clips (sorrily not too good quality) can be found here and here
(Though it is interesting that mov captured material of that piece does not work well comapred to seeing it live. The movements are almost already ‘flattened (smoothed) out’ in the filmic.)

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