just in the mood to share .. some back to black …

I know pretty well the site has still problems .. but I still like the layout of Hemingway wordpress theme and just don’t have enough time to fix it right now … so please excuse and just share .. some goodies – in my eyes at least …:

or click here for full screen mode for Love is a losing game …version
.. whatever you might have in mind .. but these are simply great interpretations ..

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2 thoughts on “just in the mood to share .. some back to black …

  1. I so much like this song, as I survey the wreckage of my dissertation attempts this term ! I can’t work out your site because I just found it – but it follows my own interests in film, space, mapping. However I am just working with very simple ideas of hybridity just now. (Just a beginner you see) Plus Supervisor has aversion to theory without closely looking at the material. Q is Amy Winehouse a ‘mood’ sign for all of us in the UK – or is the rest of the world catching up? I speak as someone not overly into ‘popular’ music.

  2. Hm, as I am not residing in UK at the moment and as well got the links via american blogs and links – I can’t really answer – just personally on that special day it was my personal mood and I liked the ‘simple’, but strong performance.

    thanks .. for commenting .. : ) and .. sorry for answering that late .. but I was really submerged into working issues these days..

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