Imagination becomes Reality Conclusion

Imagination becomes Reality Conclusion is the title of a recent ZKM show and the among the published online excerpts from the catalogue texts the one written by Peter Weibel provides the most promising analytical attitude:

The visual world is what is visible, which exists unmediatized as well. Pictures are mediatized both by the support media (canvas, panel, wall etc.) and the technique used (brush, oil paint etc.). In the course of our cultural history we have accepted such pictures as second nature and therefore equated them with the visual element. But the more the visual element has migrated from pictorial medium to pictorial medium – which started with the appearance of photography (c. 1840) and continued with more recent technical visual media such as film, video and computers – the more the concept of pictures became distinct from any exclusive visual medium, so that it became increasingly clear that the visual element is not associated solely with the idea of a picture. Even in panel pictures, the visual element was there just for the ride – a passenger in a ‘passage de l’image’. […]
Excerpt from the Catalogue Imagination Becomes Reality Conclusion

Usually I am not too much interested into the subject of painting, but to access it from this POV is adding some points in reflecting on the conciousness of our perceptive habits and customs, as well as getting some feedback on what we got used to while experiencing and getting accustomed to the newer visual estrangements of ‘newer’ media.

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