finally to show some respect for others

.. meant in my usage this should hint to the way that Europe (and eventually especially Germany with its high percentage of people form turkish descent) is just overdue to find a way to deal with ‘the other’ living amongst and very close in every aspect and yet still so far … so it can be read as an important sign worth to be passed on .. via newsgrist and others:

The Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk was chosen as the winner of the German book trade’s peace prize, Agence France-Presse reported. “In Orhan Pamuk, we are honoring an author who like no other writer of our time, explores the historical footprints of the West in the East and the East in the West,” said the prize jury of the German Publishers and Booksellers Association.
“He is committed to a concept of culture based on knowledge and respect for others. Pamuk has created a genre in which Europe and Islamic Turkey coexist.”

… and to remind to the in this sense related film ‘Crossing the Bridge’ and filmmaker Fatih Akin (Gegen die Wand / head on)

.. and finally no excuse but apologies again for slow posting … but I am still without steady internet access due to the infamous telekom<>other providers etc situation here

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