on: Organization and Representation of Violence

Under Fire was a one year long ongoing mailinglist project initiated by Jordan Crandall with invited participants (among them Susan Buck-Morss, Brian Holmes, Eyal Weizman .. and many others) discussing the role that representations play as registers of symbolic meaning and as agents of affective change. The online event was accompanied by a symposium and is now coming to an end through the publication of the collected material in form of the second volume of the printed version.

The archive of the project can still be accessed at the WDW website and also volume1 as a pdf version.

On the organizational front, Under Fire looks at the forms of militarized agencies that are emerging today, including Western defense industries and decentralized terrorist organizations. It explores the forces that contribute to their emergence, whether operating at the level of economy, technology, politics, or ideology.
On the representational front, it looks at the ways that armed violence materializes as act and image, searching for new insight into its mechanisms and effects. In so doing, it engages issues of economy, embodiment, symbolic meaning, and affect.
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