ephemeral situation

… a short comment by taking the article The Rise of the Ephemeral City (via) quite literally: Living in the ephemeral situation in the special case of Berlin is described as sexy and poor: admired, but no one takes you seriously anymore ; ) .. yes, I agree .. it feels like this here … eventhough I think that Berlin’s location as a place where East and West in Europe start to meet and exchange lifestyles is adding to its specific character of being somewhere like nowhere
Unlike the imperial capital, which administered a vast empire and extracted riches from it, or the commercial city, which thrived by trading goods, the ephemeral city prospers by providing an alternative lifestyle to a small sector of society.
The ephemeral city’s relationship to surrounding regions and the wider world is somewhat symbiotic. It feeds off the wealth generated elsewhere while providing a stage where the affluent classes can expend their treasure most fashionably.

Berlin is an interesting case. Having largely failed to meet its aspirations to once again be a world business center, the city now celebrates its bohemian community as its primary raison d’être . Its relevance is increasingly defined not by the export of goods or services, nor by agglomerations of major companies, but by its galleries, shops, lively street life, and growing tourist trade. Its mayor, Klaus Wowereit, calls Berlin “poor but sexy.”.
Rooted in ephemera, a city can only lose its historic relevance, or at best fade into a graceful senescent dowager who everyone admires but no one takes seriously anymore.
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