looking at howstuffismade

Natalie Jeremijenko’s work merges engineering, biology and art to explore socio-political hot spots along the fault line where design meets information meets society. An interview with her is available at WorldChanging. It shows well the attitude of her work and links her own work to her teaching and the project howstuffismade, which started at a student’s course at yale

“Ask yourself if there is anything currently in your view that you know anything about how it was made: the computer you are using, the pen on the desk, the desk, the chair, the shoes, etc. We are largely blind and blinded to people, places and processes involved in making things, and yet, there could be little else of more political import. These obscured processes are the base of the global consumption of market-based democracies and the trade, political and institutional relationships that support them. It is these that make the material conditions of life that most effects the air we breathe, the water we drink, our personal and environmental health, and the very activities we conceive of doing.” ..
read here (via weirdshadow)
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