December 3, 2016 / / art

“We are approaching an oscillation between organism, apparatus, sensuality and hybrid matter.” from the invitation card for the dance piece Pieces and Elements by Isabelle Schad at the HAU Berlin, 28.11.2016 On entering the HAU 2, a medium sized black…

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October 18, 2016 / / dance/movement
October 25, 2015 / / dance/movement

Concepted by Jeremy Wade DrawnOnward is a collaboration with the choreographer Juli Reinartz, musician and co-performer Marc Lohr, writer John-Erik Jordan, costume designer Grzegorz Matlag and dramaturge Maximilian Haas. Or according to the acceleration from the leaflet: DrawnOnward is a…

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October 13, 2015 / / dance/movement
June 2, 2015 / / dance/movement

Affirmatively watching a dance piece will affect your mirror neurons subconsciously, but there are works which obviously address an even deeper level than seeing motion sequences. Pieces like Kat Valastur’s Oh! Deep sea-corpus III, where a stroboscopic effect evoked through…

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May 22, 2015 / / dance/movement

Isabelle Schad’s ‘Collective Jumps’ is an ambitious dance piece offering refreshingly unexpected views. But after its premiere last November I was hesitant to write about it as I could not come to terms with some ambiguous impressions gained. Parts of…

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May 9, 2015 / / dance/movement
April 18, 2015 / / art
March 11, 2015 / / dance/movement

“Keep It Real is shameless and straightforwardly queer. A post-feminist influenza, highly contagious that can cause enjoyment. The protagonist cyborg-bitches tease the thin border between fiction and reality, and their bitch magic goes overboard contaminating everything around them. Zombies and…

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February 20, 2015 / / art
December 7, 2014 / / dance/movement
June 3, 2014 / / dance/movement

CocoonDance ‘Pieces of Me’ dissolves the fixed stage as well as linear narration. Concepts like these certainly attract my attention, nevertheless I am also aware that such an experiment might not necessarily lead to an immersing experience of now here,…

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March 6, 2014 / / dance/movement

The titel Tauberbach of one of the latest pieces of Les Ballets C de la B and Alain Platel, if translatable at all might be read as deafbach, which includes this misspelling of putting two words (deaf +Bach) together, which…

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November 20, 2013 / / art

The entrance piece to the recent conference ‘Tanz über Gräben’ at the Radialsystem V was for me certainly L. Chétouane’s choreography of ‘Sacré Sacre du Printemps’ and its re-staging at the HAU in this context. It was now shown in…

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