assume the fetal position ….

Today I came across an article in in the german newspaper FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) which offers a read-worthy, though kind of bitter review on the heritage which the current president of the US will leave behind to all of us. As looking back and recounting the distortions caused over the years within the understanding of terms, definitions, point of views, … it has to be faced that the inevitable adjustment to the changing and worsening conditions effected more or less everyone in this world.
The feeling of powerlessness hit back with the load of a big package of guilt – how could one continue to play on and on within – shrugging shoulders, trying to repress, … . Where have been any measurements to hold a stand against these deteriorating conditions … any warners, any protests …
Yes, I know there have been voices and efforts, but the total overview is just really disappointing and I think there is no easy way out – other then facing the mess …..

Maybe the worst isn’t what George W. Bush took from us. The worst is what he gave us. All the farewells from him, from Washington, from America are nothing but losses of our illusions, helplessly postponed. And the losses themselves are an illusion. For we won’t be able to free ourselves from the core of things he leaves us. Conceptually, Bush has put democracies into slavery by using its constitutional vocabulary, be it „freedom“ or „dignity of man“, as instrument of his exercise of power. Farewells from the loyalty to the United States, from its apotheosis of the good life and its might, as we can read in all newspapers? Instead, we have received something we cannot say farewell to: the shameful experience of a deep unfaithfulness towards ourselves, the overwhelming feeling of powerlessness, a dislocation of identity unknown in the annals of free societies.

When Bob Woodward spoke to Bush eight months ago, in one of thoses talks lasting for hours, he noticed something new. The president who wants to tell his story begins to forget his story. He constantly asserts in the course of the conversation that he cannot remember some details. „I assure you I am not sitting behind my desk, forever overwhelmed by Iraq. A president has to do a lot of other things“, says Bush.
…. (read on in english / (in german)

.. and keep some humor an irony up might help – via taz come these two trailers:

palin trailer

Head of Skate, a fictive Disney trailer (see img above)
and Don’t cry for me, Alaska.

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