Tibet – suggestions by Some Chinese Intellectuals

Twelve Suggestions for Dealing with the Tibetan Situation
by Some Chinese Intellectuals

Editor’s Note: On March 12, a group of Chinese intellectuals including prominent dissidents, lawyers, rights activitise and writers circulated a petition supporting calls for an independent investigation in Tibet by the United Nation, and urging the government to reconsider its policies in Tibet, so as to work toward “national reconciliation, not continue to increase divisions between nationalities.” Two of the signatories, the tibetan poetess Woeser and the writer Wang Lixiong, have reported being under close police surveillance at their home since the beginning of the protests on March 10. Woeser maintains a blog, in Chinese. …. (continue)

HRW.org (Human Rights Watch) published the entire text of the chinese intellectuals’ suggestions at their site.
.. also several opinions have been published on open.democracy:
Tibet, China, and the west: empires of the mind by Dibyesh Anand.
Tibet’s history, China’s power by George Fitzherbert.
Tibet: questions of revolt by Robert Barnett.
.. other sources: see wikileaks 35 videos.

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