looking at some of the many Berlinale resumées

.. looking for some final Berlinale essentials? .. ok here are some more official statements translated and put online via signandsight .. with further links to go.

The reviewer of the linked article likes especially a corean film, which indeed sounds kind of promising – but the never forget the latest film ‘RR’ of James Benning was presented as well …:

.. Korean director Hong Sangsoo’s “Night and Day”, a comedy about male existence which is also a tragedy about the fundamental contradiction between words and deeds.
His films function like mosaics which only form into solid characters and stories when observed from a distance. But the real rewards come from getting up closer. Because this is where the characters and the words they speak begin to oscillate weirdly, before separating into individual images in odd-ball zooms and pans and every now and then a pig knocks its snout against a window as if against the wall separating dream and reality. On first glance and in many of its details “Night and Day” is funny and malicious enough. But unlike all the films (and this goes for most of them) which content themselves with naive cliched illustration, unlike all the tiring productions which only want to make the viewer believe what he sees, … (read entire article)
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