Kubrick, Nixon and the man in the moon / The darkside of the moon

An intelligently and brilliantly done fake documentary (mokumentary) – a must for all interested in conspiracy theories. Furthermore a good lesson for the analyzis of perceptional strategies and their ‘trust’ in and construction on the expression of media ‘truth’: originally published in french under the title Opération Lune, Kubrick, Nixon und der Mann im Mond in german, and in english under The dark side of the moon

The progress of film and television technology has made it possible to manipulate images without it being obvious. Even the use of archival pictures is no guarantee for authenticity since they can be used to substantiate different “facts.”
During an interview with Stanley Kubrick’s widow the story came to light that Kubrick contributed to the popular success of the US space program with his film 2001:

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A Space Odyssey. He had the support of NASA which realized the film would popularize its costly space program. The director of this “documentary” took this revelation one step further by inventing an astonishing scenario for the images of the moon landing, and validating it with “hijacked” archival footage and authentic interviews out of context. This film should have your class humbled in the realization of how difficult it is to separate truth from manipulation in the media. The film will be useful in media studies classes. (link)
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