.. listen … to some

… of the manifold vocal expressions of Shelly Hirsch – currently invited to Tesla, Berlin. Some of her styles remind me to something between the very early Patti Smith and some extravagant Diamanda Galas stuff …

…. and a lot of other components of better singer and musician’s experimentations and interpretations …

sono retina

… officially and herself giving the following description – as sounding like

.. a huge mixture of things depending on your perspective- people on the street, yma sumac, cacaphonic birds, bjork to indian vocal masters and spoken word artists. I have been called “judy garland from an astral plane”, “ella fitzgerald on mars” and compared to cathy berberian, mike patton, karen finley, phil minton, laurie anderson, diamanda galas, nina hagen,meredith monk, joan labarbara, kate bushas well as to comedians ,kaleidescopes-Ive been called a vocal acrobat which is a term i do not like The music I make ranges from free improv-stream of consciousness work to very composed and staged pieces/radioplays/ sound installations My Polly Cotton project which is cocomposed with Simon Ho has a joyous carnival like feel.The Bernard Herrmann project is is a wild ride of sonic imagery and disjointed narratives. I was part of New Yorks downtown scene- have played with the masters including John Zorn, Anthony Coleman, Elliott Sharp, Ikue Mori, Christian Marclay, Jim Staley and incredible younger master players like Okkyung Lee, Shahzad Ismailly,Billy Martin, Aki Onda. Raz Mesinai,DJ Olive. Ive worked with a lot of European improvisors like Hans Reichel,Paul Lovens ,Sven Ake Johannsson, Jon Rose, Roger Turner-may I add Tony Buck ? I play with electonic musicians and then of course their is the most incredible David Weinstein ..

… just go and listen to her my space examples …..

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