media perspectives

.. continuing on media practises from different perspectives: After pointing to the important display of early media art in Madrid now some insights to media activism:
In Memoirs of a Video Activist Joanne Richardson reflectes on media activism especially concerning Europe’s eastern areas and at the same time she clearly points out typical problems and missunderstandings evolving in the field …

… Godard once drew a distinction between making a political film (a film about politics) and making film politically.
Making film politically means investigating how images find their meaning and disrupting the rules of the game, whether that game is Hollywood mystification or militant propaganda. It means provoking the viewers to become political animals, to reflect on their own position vis a vis power, to entertain doubts and to ask questions. …
Folklore, D Media 2004. Video by Diana Balog, Eniko Nagy, Joanne Richardson and Gabriela Torcatoru. Pioneers during Ceausescu epoch.
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