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eipcp (european institut for progressive cultural policies) has sent a new issue online. Even though this recent publication mostly collects from elder texts, like for example B.Holmes’ ‘The Flexible Personality’ among others, it unfolds into an interesting field under the title “Machines and subjectivation“:

“Machines and subjectivation” develops central concepts of contemporary post-Marxist / post-structuralist currents of theory. Along with political theories from Félix Guattari to Donna Haraway, from Jacques Derrida to Judith Butler, from Michel Foucault to Paolo Virno, the texts of this issue do not oppose Marx, but go with Marx beyond Marx. One conceptual movement here leads from a rigid concept of the subject to manifold modes of subjectivation as “(self-) precarization”, “anthropophagy” or “fear inspiring sociability”. The other investigates the previously still underdeveloped invention of a machine concept that illuminates more than merely technical, mechanical and instrumental notions of the machine: machines as social relationships, both in terms of their forms of subjection and enslavement and in their aspects of resistance.
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