Unfallen – the city as mnemonic

Daniel Belasco Rogers’ GPS recordings of his recent journeys developed into a project he called ‘Unfallen‘ – and for which he produced some really nice maps which show besides personel moving/learning processes also a relations according to the taken angle.
Out of this developed the recent project ‘Our House‘ an attempt of mapping/visualiation of personal perception occuring as overlay within publich space.

I am very persuaded by the metaphor of stitches as steps in a journey and not surprised that this has occured to other artists (Jen Southern) At the time I was working on Unfallen, a lecture demonstration piece I had been commissioned by the Arnolfini to make and working on the relationship between cosy, domestic activities like sewing and knitting that I learnt as a child and the outside world of hard surfaces, danger and awaiting accidents, which was one of the undercurrents of Unfallen.
mapping movements in Berlin
relation to the World
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