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Berliners might go to see the events surrounding the local film festival ‘Out of Disaster‘. The festival is accompanied by art shows focusing on architectural issues – yet it shows as well some video works at a gallery. It also includes a Hommage for the filmmaker Peter Watkins showing two of his major films.

.. no local boundaries prevent one from listening to those voices via sound portraits:

Sound Portraits’s radio documentaries (broadcast on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered and Weekend Edition) are audio profiles of men and women surviving in the margins. Told with care and dignity, the work depicts the lives of Americans living in communities often neglected or misunderstood. Sound Portraits frequently collaborates with people living in these hard-to-access corners of America, giving them tape recorders and microphones and helping them tell their own stories.

(.. sorry, this post finally pops up – surely a bit late, as I had some publishing issues with my software during the last two days.)

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