INFERMENTAL – International – Fermentum – Mental

– … currently exhibited at the ZKM medialounge is an overview of the archived material of this first international magazine on videocassettes which gets accompanied by an online database accessible at

‘Infermental’ was the first international videocassette magazine that published video artworks in part or whole, trailers, and reports (lasting 1-20 minutes) from around the world. Appearing annually with a total running time between four and six hours, each issue was compiled and edited in a different worldwide location. From the first issue (Berlin, 1982), which was publicized on a massive electronic billboard
during the Berlin Film Festival and co-edited by Astrid Heibach and Gábor Bódy, who in 1980 initiated the ‘international recorded imagery project), to the last issue (Skopje and Osnabrück, 1991), a total of 660 works were gathered together. ‘Infermental’ was conceived neither as festival nor gallery, but as a ‘running information memory’ (Oliver Hirschbiegel) that bundled together excerpts, documents and events according to thematic and intellectual context.
Following the death of Gábor Bódy, his wife Vera Bódy was responsible for co-ordinating the project. The complete magazine archive has been on permanent loan to the collection of the ZKM Karlsruhe since 1992. (link)
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