1st world media event

This saturday Berlin hosted Dropping Knowledge’s (blog:droppingknowledge.org) ‘The Table of Free Voices‘ event:

This “Table of Free Voices” is an unusual technological and social experiment in freedom of expression, which may reveal more more about mass media games and informational
battlegrounds than providing a penetrating archive of diverse voices regarding critical global issues. The obstacle course that truths and diverse voices must run in order to engage in a functioning global discourse is a massive dilemma as our society attempts to access, link, and distribute all possible perspectives in today’s collision of worlds.

[..] … the words of one of the speaker’s, famed techno-critic Jerry Mander, captures the challenges alluded to above and a bit of the personal experience as it’s happening:

“A dismal reality of modernity is that most information and “experience” is processed through technology. The effect is seperation, in ever more distant stages, from direct interaction with primary sources of concrete truth, reality, sustenance and power, as in nature or via direct unmediated contact with other humans. Like astronauts afloat in space, dependent on distant sources for all ( controlled) information environments, leaving us politically and psychologically vulnerable to whomever controls the imagery.”
(excerpts via indymedia)

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