a film about invisible people

What war and displacement at any time does to people is the underlying theme of Andrea Å taka’s film ‘Das Fräulein‘. The film’s central characters are three women, each of them in a different way connected to a different part of the former Yugoslavia – nevertheless I understand these relations as a more general background as in the director’s statement Å taka explains:

Yugoslavia and the war are not at the forefront of this film, however, its history and effects are central in the lives and sensitivity of these women. With «Das Fräulein», I wanted to explore displacement in our present time, as more and more people move between cultures, religions and countries, whether as refugees, travellers or simply rootless people.

… and:

The title: ‘Fräulein’ is an ambivalent term, a neutral, not a girl and not a woman, a woman without a man, a Yugoslav woman without a home, it is a film about invisible people.
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