Poetics of Reality

Kiarostami’s films do not rely much on words (- eventhough ten (review) seemed to be based on dialogues, but still the film left a different inmpression) .. so I do not want to make many here now. I just found this quote (via), which I can not really verify – nevertheless it fits in many respects:

“I can not stand narrative cinema. I get up and leave the theater. The greater the effort to narrate and the better the narration is, the more I resist it. The only way to imagine a new cinema lies in a greater respect for the role of the viewer.
It is necessary to anticipate an “in-finite” and incomplete cinema where the viewer can intervene and fill in the holes, the gaps,” explains Kiarostami in Poetic Autobiography

… so let the films speak and what critics wrote:
a good collection is to be found on senses of cinema

Not only does he break away from conventional narrative and documentary filmmaking, he also challenges the audience’s role. He plays with their expectations and provokes their creative imagination. His films invite the viewer to reflect, confront stereotypes, and actively question their assumptions.

.. more references on strictly film school and zeitgeistfilms

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