Living with War

I have never been a total Neil Young fan, but Living with War is definitly worth to be mentioned, not only because of the rumor it rose, but mostly as it managed to stand out of time and modes, and uniquely – in this time period – continues the line of traditional protest songs.

Protest music is as richly American an artform as you’ll find anywhere in the landscape of our country’s history. From the protest songs born in the dust bowls and the union struggles, to the negro spirituals which arose from the cotton fields of the Civil War era.
Living With War is proof that those voices, which have been somewhat quiet in recent years, are rising once again.
(via blogcritics)

Listen to online stream >>

hm … good to hear other voices …. and hoping for more to follow .. while reminding to the Dylan documentation no direction home, which covered quite some part of the mentioned tradition of protest song history.

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