on: Destruction by Design

subtopia has put together a nice and concise collection on the work and influence of Eyal Weizman in consideration of his recent achievement as being declared the winner of the 2006–07 James Stirling Memorial Lectures on the City Competition for his proposal: Destruction by Design: Military Strategy as Urban Planning.

… Weizman’s recent work analyzed the military’s use of critical theory as an analogue to its use (and misuse) in architecture and urbanism. His proposal looks at the way contemporary warfare increasingly plays itself out within real as well as imaginary urban settings, through the destruction, construction, reorganization, and subversion of space, to show that the urban environment is understood by military strategists today not simply as the backdrop for conflict, nor as its mere consequence, but as a dynamic field locked in a feedback-based relationship with the diverse forces operating within it. …
(via canadian architect)

Not to forget to mention this link to an longer interview with Weizman and … interesting is also the link to his sporadic blogging site at round table.

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