defiance via the discrete and self-referential

GWEI – Google will eat itself – is a conceptual piece of art attempting to analyse and eventually (in some million years) deactive through tactics of discretisation and self-referentiality the strategies used by the major (.. and simply best) search machine Google. The project specifically addresses Google’s tendencies to collect and synthesize user data information to create an allover strategy for consumer directives (less neutral also addressable as a form of control).
Ãœbermorgen, the initiator of this this smart project attempting to use the nets own weakness of self-referentiality describe in their own text Google as a unique and kind of alarming phenomenon: it’s the only internet subject, which knows how to gain the approval on a determined online content with a basis of calculus algorithms and ranking strategies developed in compliance with totally autonomous criteria.
In an interview at digimag the two members of Ãœbermorgen, Hans Bernhard, founder of etoy, and Lizvlx, explain the concept and strategies they use for their ideas and as well their targeting … or see the transmediale 06 presentation via google video (!).

GWEI – The name of the project itself explains everything in a practical way: if Google seems to be invincible and too big to be defeated the only way to stop it is to exploit its dynamics until it eat itself buying quotes of its shares (managed by the GTTP Ltd. [Google To The People
Public Company]) with the money earned by its online advertising. This project is a conceptual work of art, which were created to induce everyone to a deeper reflection on trick hidden in the pixels of one of the most widely-spread in the real world virtual subject.

excerpt from the interview:

Paolo: Yes, the data mining is the next big business of digital communications. Indeed the crossing of data from our behaviours on search engines, web sites visited, shopping with electronic payments and tracing of our mobile devices, will be the boom of smart marketing; and the end of privacy. Google already know everything about our life by analyzing our queries on their search engine and going through our private message on the Gmail service. The only way to avoid this process is to do strange things and to behave highly unusal. The more noise you inject into their data base, the more difficult it is for them to understand who you are. To to be free means to be unpredictable.

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One thought on “defiance via the discrete and self-referential

  1. it’s amusing.
    for me Google, 7 years ago or so, was a new road map, it became my primer tool, but my mind, in order to dig in to the WWW.
    i don’t no much about the new attempts of Google to become a living monster, and i wouldn’t know, if it’s right or wrong, if it is good or bad for the people…
    still, Google serves me greatly till today (even thought, I’ve started to remark lately – that probably due to legal issues, the image engine produce less photos, and less good quality-contact images, i can not say this about texts, text search is still amazing cropped by me)

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