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the chutry experiment recently publishes a lot of remarkable information on various projects and films on Iraq which attempt to catch up for a different angle than most of the media presents today. An update with collected links will follow later the day.
Just for the moment to publish this post I stored already a while ago about a project on connecting and communication between six young New Yorkers and seven Iraqi teens. They were linked by videophone two weeks before the war and shortly after. It offers a revealing view usually not associated with the news we retrieve .. For example like C. Tryon writes: Part of what is compelling about this material, of course, is how their relationships are mediated by popular culture. (Eminem, etc.. understanding of american culture mediated through films ..)

Bagdad Bridges (via)

Bridges is a two-part series that places students from New York and Baghdad in conversation via live satellite feed in order to foster dialogue between youth in the two countries.

From New York’s Downtown Community Television Center (DCTV), a loft in lower Manhattan, to the Orfali Art Gallery in Baghdad a connection was established to enable these youths to meet face to face. The first bridge was build on march 1st, 2003 – just a few weeks before the bombings began – the second one days after the U.S. declared the war officially over. It is a fascinating project

images by Iraquis civilians (2004)

promised UPDATE on links to look up via chutry experiment:
Iraq in Fragments (synopsis)
Untold stories from Iraq and The War Goes On, Unreported
Why we fight

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