downtown dirt

via newsgrist come two interesting articles on art concerning especially the NYC scene. Both are taken from NYT and offer an interesting read which makes me wish to be there. First is on the use and change of white cube gallery attitudes (NYT) and second points to an exciting exhibition The Downtown Scene, When It Was Still Dirty about Downtown East Village art scene from mid 70s to mid 80s.

Oh, the bubbling energy, the barrage of high-decibel sound, the wild and woolly frenzy, the sheer proliferation of it all! It’s recaptured now – at least a generous slice of it – in “The Downtown Show: The New York Art Scene, 1974-1984,” a humongous time warp of more than 450 paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, videos, books, journals, posters and ephemera by artists, writers, performers, musicians and maestros of mixed media, at New York University’s Grey Art Gallery and its Fales Library. (The Fales, part of the larger
East Village Eye, 1979
Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, has the world’s most extensive collection of materials relating to the Downtown art scene, from 1970 to now.)
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