waiting for the clouds

A film which tries to deal with these just mentioned issues of suppressed tendencies of nationalism is the recently started ‘Waiting for the clouds‘:

What is a homeland? Who is a foreigner? These thorny questions of identity and nationalism, played out through Ayhse’s long and tragic life, will be prominent themes in WAITING FOR THE CLOUDS, and the region’s beautifully eerie landscapes,

from the swirling mists of the Black Sea to the low-lying clouds of its surrounding mountains, will provide a rich backdrop in which long-held secrets may finally filter into the light from one of history’s darker corners.
(link, synopsis)

Though one of the german critiques mentions that it is exactly this problematic which in its complexity exceeds the frame and that its limiting representation oppresses differentiated interpretations and the specific intentions of filmmaker Yesim Ustaoglu.
further links (german only): critique, synopsis

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