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mind the GAP publishes from now on a section called ‘special GAP pages‘. This partition (see also left sidebar) attempts in longer articles, interviews to focus on major aspects of the themes brought up in context of the entire project specifically around critical inquiries into visuality and in-between gaps.

The first texts to appear there relate to the research work of Laura U.Marks a cultural critic and media theorist who’s books and articles I have been mentioning here before.
She coined the term ‘haptic visuality as an expression associated with the experience of sensual memorizing within visual representation. Her definition indicates an exploration into redefining notions of the perceptible, which extends a still common understanding of representational expressions towards a conception of the embodied experience intercultural cinema conveys for a postcolonial and transnational world view…

This specific research into the field of the more abstract visual mode of embodied spectatorship emerges along the dividing line of the missing flow between the haptic and the optical in the dominant culture of vision. It follows an expression that is as fragile as an eluding smooth smell in an overall smoky room, which – if perceived – could call up memories and interests. Thus ’haptic visuality’ might stimulate an ambivalence of openness, just to eventually conclude on the interesting existence of crucial and paradoxical overlappings within the underlying algorithmic patterns across seemingly dividing cultural definitions.

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