in the real

excerpt from looking awry

POSTSCRIPT – As with Dante, all things that exist in the Real are potential signs. This remains true, even when it appears otherwise (false and/or relative). This existing in the Real provides (restores) depth (and/or aura), or places/situates within things perspectival (anamorphic) space itself (what Jean-Luc Marion calls ‘distance’ and what Zizek calls the ‘anamorphic stain/parallax’ within subjectivity). Within this ‘space within space’ worlds are to be found (including ‘new’ and ‘better’ worlds). Within this Night of the World resides the Real (or, as the German Romantics called it, Self). Inscribed in the Night of the World (a ‘Night’ always offered as antidote to the ‘Day’ of the Enlightenment) is Idealism Itself; that is to say, the ultimate ghost in the machine.
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