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Roomology Rooms as Psychogeodynamic Objects (via)
The short descriptive text spans its definition from highly metaphorical gothic catedrals, to Perry’s inventive jamaican audio lab, up to mind rooms – yet as for now does not include thoughts on the virtual space behind or better included within the rooms we create and inhabit nowadays …

Jeff Wall, After Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, the Prologue. 2001

I am sometimes tempted to define this big space which only can be accessed by staying (bodily at least) in another room as in itself divided into further ‘roomlike’ partitions. At least one can not only enter different chat rooms in an almost literally sense but virtual space in itself is partioned into sections by themes, access, etc .. most obvious becomes this perhaps through language. Eventhough the walls are just not that visible but still the sensation changes in drifting from one to the other … Comparing it to entering from the red to the green to … room in a huge hotel or palais then eventually coming across a ‘tiny (blog) hut’ (like Lee Perry’s was) which even provides a much more stimulating experience ..

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