the internet is of course the outside

Peter Luining talks on his work and offers some interesting insights into computer related works – or better the difficulties of acceptance within the art scene and failure of the people working in computer related fields (in or close to the art scene) for not establishing a discourse as reasons why this specific sector did not really develop further after the early hype:

At the moment you hardly see any interest of the ‘institutional’ art world in computer related works. In the new media (or tech) related world there’s a huge interest in these kinds of works, although the only things this circuit seems to be after is works that use the latest technology and/ or socio- political implications of these kinds of works.

… but the most important thing, I think, is the problematic notion of the author in this kind of work. This is because when you start to play, who’s the author?
And when you start to think about this it becomes even more complex. If, for example, you compare it with the notions of interactivity you can find at performances, you will find out that computer interactivity is different.

The problem so far has been that computer based work was presented in ‘institutional’ art spaces because it was hot, new, etc. But because of a lack of any serious discourse or critics placing these works in a wider art context, the hype was over in no time.

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