through spaces

… is one of the meanings of the word fadaiat in arabic. A event named after it which tries to operate between the borders of fortress Europe and North Africa has been just announced to take place for a second time in June 2005. The website providing the material of the 2004 event relates to a quite interesting mixture of technical set up and ideas how to attempt to break up the excluding strategies of global network strategies:

From our personal perspective, fada’íat was a new attempt to implement a logical mechanism based on the universal language of symbols, allowing, in a few hours, the emergence of a spacial configuration emancipated from techtonic elements: architecture as hardware for the development of processes.
In our work we try to subvert the scheme imposed by the infoeconomy in which a swarm of machines, working minds and infocapital organised around a myriad of micro-processes determines the stabilisation of a global state of balance that strengthens hegemony and weakens communication.
This architecture has its principal pillar in the mental gap that can be stolen from the system for the non-production of infocapital: the generation of algorithms of free global communication. Its contribution consists in its potential to create specific spaces of human communication via the reconfiguration of the clouded plasma of data fluxes.
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