continuing on frames

Unexpected Launching of Heavy Objects (link) is a work of Peter Hovarth submitted to the wartime project .

Beautifully done, with some nice moments of timing it also calls up the memory of elder works of ‘net-art’ which play with poping up frames – (just this one here closes them even again) … This one here plays with content, while the intention of earlier works (like this one, which pops up endless frames – just as a warning) on the net was for more related to reflect and play with the underlying scriptings / programs at run ..

Yet I am still thinking if the inherent strategy of framing – as part of the working mode of the browsing in its self-reproductive referentiality of web-based play with ‘framing’ – as expressed here – definitly can be regarded as a panorama of frames which is folding up mental space of itself. I agree that it invents a different way of perception, which silently changes the way to look at things and the very interesting clue lies in the established line of the non-static symptom of digitization … to be found throughout the various forms it establishes the virtual and influences thus the real … still thinking it is a very interesting point of departure for a journey of thought …

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