At the Mercy of Others: The Politics of Care

From the list of artists mentioned there seems not to be too much new to see there .. but the angle of view intrigued me: as the description makes it look like an attempt to get to the point of turn or shift – laying bare all the inherent ambivalence – and still try to stand these tense moment to explore the possibilities .. / .. for the ability to take care it might be important to except and explare differences …

At The Mercy of Others: The Politics of Care, the newest installment from the Whitney Independent Study Program Curatorial Group, takes “care” as an important social keyword and explores the many dimensions of the concept.
Yoko Ono, Cut Piece, 1964
Contesting the dominant uses of the term “care,” the exhibition engages a broader political context, touching on institutional care, human rights, and international aid, often revealing how power relations masquerade as care. Rather than viewing care as a facile interaction, the works in the exhibition engage more complex relationships and question the assumption that caring for another is a natural impulse. The participating artists map care through a continuum of psychological dynamics, from narcissism to obsession, aggression to violence, guilt to obligation.

.. thus I would strive to go if I had a possibility to be in NYC …

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