marginalized voice

taking up the viewpoint of a person whose voice would be marginalized … is according to filmaker J.Maston the subject of his project Maria full of grace. His film is said to be based on a 1000 stories listened to during the research period and picks up a detailed authenticity which looks like one of the strong points, nevertheless the filmic project does not require to be a documentary.

The movie is now just coming to the cinemas here and eventhough I haven’t had the possibility to see it yet I think the viewpoint taken upon the issue sounds fairly interesting to shed light on a subject commonly viewed very one-sided.

The film’s success owes much to the New York–based Marston’s deft weaving of sociology, anthropology, and journalism; his curiosity and intelligence are obvious in every frame of the film, yet they’re tempered by a focus and suspicion of sentimentality that are unusual for a tyro. This also stops him short of being just another neorealist wannabe, and keeps Maria from devolving into an El Norte–style white-liberal-guilt tongue-clucker…

further review links: WSWS / NYT

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