embodiment in autosummarizing

Our economic and social reality is defined less by material objects that are made and consumed than by co-produced services and relationships.
.. this is one part of the autosummarized text, while the following quote is an excerpt from the longer post published at go-one (uber.tv) titled autosummarize before the action of the software took place.

Where the body can disappear into information with scarcely a murmur or protest, embodiment cannot, for it is tied to the circumstances of the occasion and the person. As soon as embodiment is acknowledged, the abstract of the Panopticopn (the diagram) disintegrates into the particularities of specific people embodied in specific context. Along with these particularities come concomitant strategies for resistence and subversion, excesses and deviations. (Hayles p198)

hm .. I like the idea and irony showing through the content and action of that post. .. to read the entire in and output version go here

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