after announcing

a conference in Toronto on the visible city recently now its the subject of the invisible in Montreal:
… constructing around a still of Chris Marker’s La Jetée the 7th edition of the Manifestation Internationale Vidéo et Art Électronique, Montreal has set up their website announcing the project Cité Invisible/Invisible City which

… will reveal to the visitor, through the suggested scenography and moments of art presentation, hidden aspects of buildings’ architecture and urbanity which are given to us to see. Architectural installations and national and international multimedia artworks will be scattered all over the site of the Grande Bibliothèque as multiple micro interventions within its internal and external spaces.

The site of the Grande Bibliothèque presents questions of culture and of a new economy of information. This site assumes at once the form of a place of leisure, of a meeting space for the community a location of knowledge and of over consumption. An interrogation of the role of the evolution of the library under a technological era

The program includes a public debate in Sept 2005 and a symposium to follow in Sept 2006.

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