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Basic security panel at transmediale finally mostly focused on the dichotomy of security / insecurity and the self – reproductive processes inherent in those. Via an ‘Ecology of Fear’ evolving through what might be called today as living in a Risk Society Konrad Becker‘s argument diagnosed that this redirects the colonisation of the outer space to become a colonisation of the inner space. The in this context mentioned shift towards wartainment/’military entertainment complex’ was also the main topic of McKenzie Wark‘s concise points to argue that insecurity is basically the unachieveable freedom of control as the demand for security reproduces itself. From a slightly different or just more modified angle came Wendy Hui Kyong Chun‘s view about basic insecurity which she then prefered to modify into a general vunerability within her ‘control and freedom‘ theme.
Her interpretation that ‘codes are seductive effects’ might find a adequate translation in knowbotic research‘s exhibition work titled ‘naked bandit‘ and its emphasis of the coding control circle.
The excerpts presented on the ‘naked bandit’ website of an interview Maria J. Prieto and Elise S. Youn led with B. Latour on ‘Decoding the Collective Experiment‘ can be read through at agglutinations entirely. This just makes me draw a circle to the points Anne Galloway remarks (at the end of this post) on technological objects (thus in my eyes could also be described as developments) as seen to be neutral and not yet acknowlegded as ‘shaping’ through further impact. It is worth to follow her links to the material mentioned on her course weblog for Sociology of Science & Technology.
.. more to follow ..

UPDATE 10/02: Mc Kenzie Wark‘s talk Securing Security can be looked up here

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